‘Under The Table!’ – Hiring A Caregiver Privately

Thinking Of Hiring A Private Caregiver?

So you are in need of a lot of assistance. Hiring an agency, although smart, is just not in your budget. I get it. Totally understand.  The solution?  To hire a private caregiver!

Hiring an individual or multiple individual’s privately to care for your loved one is certainly not uncommon. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of and try to avoid whenever possible. Read our article on scheduling for ideas on how to approach this area.
One of the first things to avoid is hiring a caregiver that is currently working for a company or agency that you are currently using. If you think that you can pull this off with no one knowing about it; think again. Word gets out. No doubt about it. Do not even try it. Keep your relationships strong that you do have. Do not go and try to undercut someone by doing something that you shouldn’t be doing.

Watch For The Penalty!

Most home care service agreements have a clause in them that prevents you from hiring directly without some form of penalty. It’s just not worth the risk. If you are going to hire a private caregiver, hire someone that is not directly related to the company you are working with. Look outside your comfort zone, do not just hire someone because it seems like the easy thing to do.

Next thing to avoid when hiring a private caregiver is this: do NOT hire a ‘volunteer’ that is looking for a little extra money. When using a home care provider for a large commitment (say over 6 hours a day,) using someone that usually just volunteers as a caregiver is not a wise decision.

Treat It With Respect!

Providing home care services is a full time job. You can’t just go to work when you feel like it and not go when you don’t. You need someone that will take the job with the necessary level of commitment to get the job done. Volunteer caregiver’s can definitely fill a very important void. They are just not a practical solution when needing a lot of hours covered.

Hiring caregiver’s that do this for a living is your best bet. You want staff that need the money and are relying on their job with you for income. You want to hire people that have been in the industry for at least a year and have a full understanding of the commitment they are making to you.  The other important factor to remember is to be prepared.  Having the appropriate supplies on hand is important.

Backup Your Backup!Senior Care Birds

The last point I will make here about hiring private caregiver’s is this. If you are looking to cover a substantial amount of hours each week, hire more than one caregiver. If you think one person will be able to handle the commitment and never call off, THINK AGAIN. It rarely works using just one person for care giving services. ALWAYS have at least on back up in place! If you don’t, be prepared to drop everything you’re doing and go assist mom or dad for the day when your caregiver calls off because she has a sick child at home.